A "modernization" step

The global financial system needs resetting as a matter of urgency. The exponential growth of the US debt indicates that the system is spinning out of control. The way it works today is obvious, and not only to the experts.

In a nutshell, the picture is as follows. The United States prints dollars and hands them out almost free to its citizens and companies, who use this "hard currency" globally to buy up all they need and then some. For the system to work, these dollars have to be taken away from the suppliers of raw materials, the manufacturers of goods and the providers of services or the world will be oversupplied with them and inflation will quickly turn the "hard currency" into worthless paper. This is precisely the function of US debt. The greater the gap between consumption and real production, the more money the United States has to give to its people through cheap loans and endless refinancing, and the more money is plowed into the system, the more has to be withdrawn from it — that is, the more debt has to be run up.

This is the way it is. You work and we consume. Why can't this situation go on forever?

First, the higher the debt, the less trust there is in it. Clearly, it won't be repaid. In a situation where all key players are concerned about minimizing inevitable losses, it is becoming increasingly difficult to run this con game. In other words, the first impediment is purely "mental."

Second, with money being so cheap, US pension and insurance funds (i.e., the prime accumulation institutions) have low returns and therefore are unable to meet their obligations. Experts point to the imminent crisis of social security institutions if money is to remain cheap. However, if cheap money is no longer available, households will simply not be in a position to service their debts and will instantly end up far below the accustomed level of consumption.

In principle, nothing terrible is happening to the system. It is enough to write off all debts and restart the system. What's more, this can even yield good returns. Companies throughout the world were credited with cheap dollars but will have to pay off their debts in expensive dollars. Far from all will make it. Margin calls, bankruptcies and the seizure of assets — there are effective legal schemes specifically designed to meet these needs. All of this is only possible on one condition — namely, US global domination and the unquestioning obedience of US "partners."

Everyone has to agree, voluntarily, to become significantly poorer. No one may dare refuse to pull out of the game. Countries have to pretend they still have the statehood they no longer have.

In other words, this is not about money but about something that is far more important — i.e., domination. Therefore, the present difficulties are not technical but related to control issues: There are still pockets of actual and potential resistance in the world.

Russia is rapidly building up its military capability, which is significant as it is, and is ready not only to uphold its own sovereignty but also to protect the interests of its allies. The same goes for China. Despite its close ties with the global leader it is striving for parity with it. The establishment of global domination is a precondition to the resetting of the US (i.e., global) financial system.

In addition to this pressing need, the architects of the model under consideration are faced with a problem that is perhaps not so urgent but still quite important: there are too many people in the world. There is no way they can all fit into the Western model of life on Planet Earth. Amid global domination, the number of workforce and soldiers must be drastically reduced. They are a liability, deadwood and a burden on the environment.

However, even those who stay alive will have to radically review their role. They will have to lose their self-determination. The sheer possibility of being in opposition to the system must be eradicated — naturally, in the public's own interest for the sake of stability and prosperity.


To this end, the entire sphere of human reproduction is being actively reformatted. The culture of human communication and interaction in all spheres where a person learns to understand, feel and think is being oversimplified and dumbed down. The healthcare system is turning into a high-tech sector that is being automated to the maximum degree possible. Soon, there will be no need for contact between doctor and patient. The education system is increasingly transferring to distance learning. What's the need for direct contact with a teacher when lectures by the best professors in the world are available on the Internet? Upbringing is also transitioning from agrarian, hand-to-mouth formats (the family) to standard industrial technology (large, multi-child families controlled by specialized institutions, boarding schools, orphanages, etc.). Dehumanization eliminates any need for sham façades and other fakes such as democracy. It makes for simple and direct forms of domination.

Thus, the current situation forces our "partners" to go ahead with a substantial modernization of the world order without delay. All pockets of resistance within the system have to be suppressed (there should be no illusions: Russia and China today are essential elements of the system). The financial system has to be reset. There is a pressing need to transition to more direct and at the same time more fundamental (anthropological) control technology. Global domination is not about who is calling the shots. It is about establishing a different world order with different rules and different people.

Reset and modernization mechanisms

It seems that a bet has been placed on the old, time-tested method — namely, a worldwide culling, where debts and people who may disagree with their imminent fleecing, as well as surplus people, will be eliminated. Syria is a trigger and a place where it will be determined who will fight whom, who will form an alliance against whom and who will sit on the fence and stay above the fray.

The situation in Ukraine did not work out this way. By contrast, in Syria, almost all key players in the upcoming process are represented — the United States (not on its own but by proxy, through ISIS, which is banned in Russia), Europe, Turkey, Russia and even the new, Saudi-led "Islamic alliance." Even Syria itself is represented. The way things are shaping up it is a kind of invitation that cannot be refused. If you don't hit ISIS thugs today, tomorrow they will end up on your borders. They down one of our passenger jets and it is already more difficult to carry out a short-term operation and get out. There is a terrorist attack in Paris and you have to send your aircraft carrier to the Middle East. It doesn't matter whether the Turks decided to please their American friends on their own accord or whether they were forced to shoot down our Su-24. The temperature is rising and a new step toward the polarization of forces has already been made.

This concentration of different forces involved in combat operations on a small territory cannot lead to anything good. Attempts will be made to draw vaster territories into this maelstrom. I believe that there are plans to destroy Turkey (this is the rationale behind the downing of our plane), Europe (this is the rationale behind the organized flow of refugees) and of course, Russia (this is the rationale behind provoking and dragging us into conflicts along the entire perimeter of our borders, as well as falling oil prices). China will be dealt with separately. It will either be finally smothered with embraces or crystalized by a nuclear strike — after reindustrialization, but before real parity is established.

There is another important factor. Time and again, there are media reports about a network of underground bunkers, in effect, ready-to-use underground settlements in New Zealand and Australia, elite military units that are deployed there, underwater, well-protected granaries in the northern Atlantic and other such things from the modern Noah's Ark series.

It seems that the superpower group that is stage-managing the modernization of the global governance and economic system is determined to survive no matter what. They are ready to go to the end, and this is understandable. They are faced with a stark choice: either (if the modernization of the present system falls through) turn into nothingness after it disintegrates or become gods, albeit in a world devastated by the mutual annihilation of the nuclear powers. If this is the case, then the principle of assured mutual destruction (MAD) is no longer an impediment. If Plan A (chaos and regional and civil wars throughout the world) fails, then Plan B (a full-blown nuclear conflict) will be activated. The underlying premise should be that, by the generally recognized standards, we have to deal with mad people.

The show cannot go on

I believe that on a tactical level, we are doing the right thing. Lying low and making no waves is a path to being gradually broken, demoralized, strangled, robbed blind, and put into a poorhouse. Counterattacking in zones of interests that are sensitive to us (Crimea, Ukraine and Syria) is synonymous to mobilization, strengthening and buying time to expedite our military modernization — and they [our partners] clearly have less time than we do.

It would still be a good idea to create special-purpose forces with the sole mission of surviving a nuclear conflict and destroying those who have made this mess after it's over, in any place in the world, and so that everyone knows about the existence of such forces. Maybe this will have a sobering effect on our "partners"?

However, in any event, there can be no good outcomes in such scenarios.

The fact is that we are confronted by a super-system that we are part of and to which we are tied by thousands of ties. We should be concerned not only about how to survive in the short term but also about how to change the system. We should have a good reorganization plan. To this end, it is essential to understand the way it is organized.

Conspiracy theorists are not wrong when they assert that there is a backstage group that runs all the key processes, above all the globalization process (or, according to Zinoviev, the Americanization process). Of course, this group exists. However, the situation is far worse than that. The system relies not on the existence of such a powerful group but on a special mindset. This mindset is absolutely the same within the elite and the "masses" and refers to egotism as a set of conceptual and emotional programs.

This set has nothing to do with nature or biological evolution. Every member of the species in the plant and animal kingdoms functions in the interest of the reproduction of life as whole. The behavior of animals in general cannot be comprehended on the individual level. The firmware in their brains works solely toward the survival of the species and the biosphere; but when it works toward ensuring the survival of an individual the firmware activates a self-destruction program (there are plenty of examples).

Human beings are the only creatures that, due to consciousness, have received the freedom to change their behavior and at the same time the freedom of will — that is, the freedom to act "in their own interests." Human behavior is not predetermined by their preceding biological evolution and it is up to humans to decide what their purpose is. Man has received the privilege to take care solely of himself. Together with the taste of the apple of knowledge, he acquired the knowledge of his freedom, withdrew from Life in God and fell from global paradise.

Apparently, this was necessary at a certain stage. Those who were more adept at playing these high-stakes selfish games than others and tried to gain advantage over others developed their thinking and activism more rapidly. Thus they cultivated this deadly essence — i.e., egotism as a complex of mental and emotional programs built on self-isolation from the life of humankind, as well as from life in general.

The entire modern social structure, including the superpower group, conflicts, wars and competition — in the final analysis, all this originates from the root codes of egotism.

We are now experiencing the most important moment in human history. The show cannot go on anymore. The system as a whole has become unviable. We will destroy ourselves and the world as a whole. Either we overcome our egotism and acquire new, viable formats of consciousness or it's curtains for all. If in the past religion was a revelation, seeing the light, now it's an imperative.

The realization that the end is near can change us all as the game is becoming pointless for all — Europe, Turkey, China, the public and the technocratic elite in the United States. It should also be made pointless for the superpower group. This should be brought home to everyone. There should be a reflexive turnaround in consciousness.

Russian ideology

Russophobia is also a modus of egotistic consciousness. We are those who don't recognize their superiority. Moreover, we reject superiority as a value. We Russians (not as an ethnic group but as a multiethnic political nation) live off of other forms of energy. Russian ideology should help make this game pointless on a formal level. We do not need parity or stalemate with the West. We need a different game, one built on a different mindset and different codes — the codes of responsible, coherent participation in the life of humankind.

The prototype is our Russian empire. This is the mission of Russian ideology, i.e., to expedite a reflexive U-turn of consciousness. Instead of reference points such as predominance, superiority, selfish interests and the cult of success, Russian ideology should promote awareness, perception and a sense of involvement with global humanity, collective thinking and responsible self-determination and mutual determination. Russian ideology should formalize this change of reference points and the rebuilding of the entire civilizational matrix on a new basis.

Twenty five years ago, we were led astray with propaganda and seduced into believing the myth of an easy and beautiful life. Today, we have to retaliate with the same weapon — however, not with propaganda but with an honest ideology and the true knowledge about our situation as a whole.

Sometimes changes in thinking happen rapidly. Actually, what will happen to us and the world at large will hinge on the pace of two processes — i.e., the folding up and annihilation of the human world in the fire of egotism, on the one hand, and the realization that we all are playing a senseless and suicidal game and the reflexive turnaround of our consciousness towards the realization of its true nature, on the other. The rapidly worsening situation is conducive to this. There is still a Chance that what lies ahead is not the End of human history but the Beginning of a new historical era. This chance is worth working for.