Iskander Valitov
Iskander Valitov
Member of Rossiya Segodnya’s Zinoviev Club, member of the Moscow Methodological Club, co-founder and executive director of the Archive of the Moscow Methodological Club Foundation, research adviser at Zinoviev International Research and Education Centre, Department of Global Processes, Moscow State University
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Патриарх Кирилл проводит службу в День народного единства
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An effective method for stopping human degradation is to raise the question about man’s purpose in life, Rossiya Segodnya’s Zinoviev Club member Iskander Valitov says. Read more
Демонстрация робота-гуманоида Теспиана - участника Бала Роботов в Москве
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For present day Russia the key question is whether we can preserve and continue this social evolutionary track and still ensure human survival, Zinoviev Club member Iskander Valitov believes. Read more
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Russia should muster up some strength and choose to have an economy of its own, says Zinoviev Club member Iskander Valitov. Read more
Six batteries of NATO-backed missile defense systems have been set up in southeastern Turkey to protect against aerial attacks from war-torn Syria (File)
© Photo, Wikipedia/Glenn Fawcett
Tension in the world is rapidly growing. Time has become a critical factor for our “partners.” To all appearances, they are running out of time, Zinoviev Club member Iskander Valitov asserts. Read more
Russian Air Force's long-range aircraft hit ISIS targets in Syria
© Photo, Russian Ministry Defence
We need to substantiate our presence in Syria ideologically rather than only legally. We must act as agents of a new, alternative world order, in a clear and transparent manner, Zinoviev Club member Iskander Valitov believes. Read more
Charles Robert Darwin
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The Western world today is on a downward historical trend, Zinoviev Club member Iskander Valitov says. Read more