Vladimir Lepekhine, Directeur général de l'Institut de la Communauté économique eurasiatique (CEEA), membre du Club Zinoviev.
Vladimir Lepekhin
Member of Rossiya Segodnya’s Zinoviev Club, General Director of the EurAsEC Institute, head of Rossiya Segodnya’s Centre for Humanitarian Projects, and philosopher anthropologist.
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Zinoviev Club member Vladimir Lepekhin compares European and Russian values to explain why they are moving further away from each other. Read more
Effect of drugs on people
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More and more people in Russia are choosing not to think about what is going on, preferring simply to believe in primitive but comprehensible schemas, Zinoviev Club member Vladimir Lepekhin asserts. Read more
Die russische Sberbank
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In a situation where even the ideologues of capitalism suggest that it has run its course, the issue of its future comes up again, Vladimir Lepekhin says. Read more
Участники шествия Региональной патриотической общественной организации Бессмертный полк Москва по Красной площади
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The main events of the past year were not those that were noted by the man on the street, but rather those that changed people’s lives and thinking, says Vladimir Lepekhin. Read more
Die Flagge von den USA und der EU
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According to Vladimir Lepekhin, the main and global threat facing Russia is not the West, as such, but rather so-called Westernism. Read more
Russia's Golden Globe winner 'Leviathan' directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev was nominated Thursday for the best foreign language film Oscar.
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In the opinion of Zinoviev Club’s member, Vladimir Lepekhin, the promotion of the imperial idea in Russia is a provocation designed to justify the genocide of Russians. Read more
Zbigniew Brzezinski
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Vladimir Lepekhin: The idea of Russia as a distinct civilization has scared Russia haters and globalists of all kinds, and leading ideologues of the West have been mobilized to discredit it. Read more
Easter in Russia
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By 2017-2018, the idea of civilizational development will dominate the Russian mentality, argues Zinoviev Club member Vladimir Lepekhin. Read more