Dmitry Kulikov, produttore e membro del Club Zinoviev dell'agenzia russa di stampa internazionale “Rossiya Segodnya”
Dmitry Kulikov
Member of Rossiya Segodnya’s Zinoviev Club, co-founder and member of the Board of Trustees of the Archive of the Moscow Methodological Club Foundation, research adviser at the Zinoviev International Research and Education Centre, Department of Global Processes, Moscow State University
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NATO's Anaconda-16 War Games in Poland
© AP Photo, Alik Keplicz
Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov examines some questions that could provide the answers needed for formulating and implementing Russia’s long-term strategy. Read more
Die türkische Flagge
© REUTERS, Kai Pfaffenbach
At this intermediate stage the Russian Aerospace Forces have made Bashar al-Assad’s overthrow impossible and Russian diplomacy has precluded an invasion of Syria by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. At least this is true in the short-term perspective, notes Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov. Read more
A Moldovan army general watches demonstrators during a large protest in Chisinau, Moldova, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016
© AP Photo, Vadim Ghirda
In 2016, Ukraine will end up in an even tougher situation than the already fully “associated with Europe” Moldova is in today, says Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov. Read more
Donbass, milizia separatista
© Sputnik, Andrei Stenin
Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov reviews the outgoing year and its key events. Read more
Moscú llama a Europa a investigar las violaciones de DDHH cometidas en cárceles de la CIA
© East News, UPI Photo / eyevine
Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov analyzes the geopolitical face-off between Russia and the United States that unfolded in the last few weeks of 2015. Read more
V Conferenza Internazionale di Club Zinoviev a Mosca
© Sputnik, Vladimir Trefilov
Dmitry Kulikov comments on the results of the VI International Zinoviev Readings, Alexander Zinoviev and Modern Ideologies, held at Rossiya Segodnya. Read more
Members of the State Duma
© Sputnik, Vladimir Fedorenko
Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov believes we should carry out a new social project: take power away from super-society’s structures and implement a true division of economic and political rights, if we want to preserve our Russian civilization. Read more
Tanks in the Red Square during the coup attempt on August 19, 1991
© RIA Novosti, Vladimir Rodionov
Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov argues that culture should not be confused with civilization. Our culture is predominantly European whereas our civilization is thoroughly Russian. Read more